Installation Overview

The installation process comprises installing both Autolab and Tango (the autograding backend). MySQL and Redis will also need to be installed in most use cases.

There are 2 different ways to install Autolab and Tango:

  1. The simplest and fastest way to get up and running is to use our Docker Compose installation, which is ideal for most workloads. Both production-ready and testing deployments are available. This will set-up containers for Autolab, Tango, and other required services.
  2. You can also install Autolab manually. There are instructions for installing Autolab on Ubuntu 22.04 and on Mac OSX 10.11+. The instructions for installing Tango manually are the same for both environments.

Most of our users prefer the Docker Compose installation method as it is simpler, production-ready, and comes deployed with MySQL and TLS/SSL.

RAM requirements

You may face issues on a machine with less than 2GB of RAM as the gem sassc takes a significant amount of RAM to install.